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About Us

K & R Animal Law is dedicated to using the law to help animals and their human defenders. The firm was established by lawyers who are passionate about animal law and advancing the interests of animals. We provide legal services with the goal of benefiting animals and provide a range of general legal services to people who care for animals.

K & R Animal Law operates online and can take on matters in any Australian state or territory. By operating online, K & R Animal law can provide high-quality, efficient and affordable legal services.

Our Values

  • We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, timely and affordable legal services.

  • We aim to communicate with clients in an attentive, responsive, clear and compassionate manner.

  • We believe that all sentient beings have equal intrinsic value regardless of their species.

  • We take on matters and aim to use the law to benefit animals and their carers. 

  • We aim to contribute 10% or more of our time providing pro bono legal services that will benefit animals.

  • We support the equal treatment of all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, ability, sexuality, gender identity, or age.

About Naaman

Naaman is the Principal Lawyer of K & R Animal Law and the Principal Lawyer of the Animal Law Institute.


Naaman previously worked as Special Counsel for lawyerbank and as a Senior Lawyer for various federal government departments. Naaman started his legal career as a lawyer for a native title service provider in South Australia and he has dedicated numerous hours volunteering at community legal centers, including the Animal Defenders Office. Naaman has presented on various animal law topics at conferences across Australia and taught animal law as a guest speaker at the University of New South Wales, the University of Wollongong and Bond University.

Naaman specialises in administrative law, civil disputes, federal environmental law, migration law, privacy law and litigation. Naaman prides himself on providing high-quality legal services and practical legal advice.

Naaman is dedicated to using the law to help animals, ethical organisations and people who defend and care for animals. He is a passionate promoter of access to justice for people and animals.


  • Master of Laws (with merit), Australian National University, 2014

  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, Australian National University, 2011

  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Adelaide, 2011

  • Bachelor of International Studies, University of Adelaide, 2009


  • Unrestricted Private Practising Certificate, ACT

  • Admission as a Lawyer and Barrister, Supreme Court of the ACT, 2011


  • Voiceless Brian Sherman Animal Law Prize 2022

  • Animal Liberation NSW Volunteer of the Year Award 2022

  • DVA General Counsel's Award 2022

Naaman Kranz animal lawyer

Naaman Kranz
Principal Lawyer and founding Director 

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